Alejandro Paz (CL)

Cómeme "means a body that gives itself away". Matias Aguayo’s label champions a kind of musical and geographical outsiderdom, a fringe operation powered by wanderlust and situated well beyond the traditional hubs of club music (Berlin, London, NY). Santiago-born Alejandro Paz is a central voice within the project. Each of his releases has a particular groove that smells of South American heat. Alejandro has collaborated with bands like Genéricos and The District Union as well as remixed artists such as Javiera Mena, DJs Pareja and Auntie Flo. He is currently directing Radio Cómeme alongside Avril Ceballos, for which he produces the radio show Ladrones.

El house, cumbia a lo lejos, edits del corazón, we couldn't figure out a better way to catch the dawn on Sunday morning.