Innode (A)

"Proto-sonic" could be a suitable term to describe the new project of Stefan Németh (Locrian, Pan.American, Cleared) and Bernhard Breuer (Elektro Guzzi, Tumido). Innode's pieces are composed around the central aspects of rhythm, reduction, and precise forms. This technical approach is then contrasted with the elements of human intuition and unpredictability. Drum machines interlink with acoustic percussion, one being shaped, extended, and complemented by the other. At the same time, these percussive patterns are substrate for electronic textures, made up of raw and unprocessed waveforms and generated by analogue synthesizers. It is the function defining the choice of sounds; hence, resulting elements can be as simple as white noise or a pulsewave. Comparable to this process, it is the focus on essentials regarding the form. The organization of chunks of sounds, as well as structuring microscopic details emerge from the same idea of using just as much as needed: the minimum simply fits best.