Apparatus 22 (RO)

7 Uncertain Scripts

Video installation, 2014

 "7 Uncertain Scripts" is the first of a series of installations initiated following our research on the ambivalence of words used both in the sacred sphere and the pop culture vocabulary. In each work another layer is added and explored in an attempt to critically tension what becomes a cluster of meanings.

The gesture of downloading nature becomes building and thinking material for the lightbox neo-chapel that confronts visitors with 7 speculative scenarios of a possible future in a post-internet, post-religious-order-as-we-know-it, post-chronological and post-drugs world.

In the aftermath of the megalomaniac past of the building hosting the museum and on the eve of the alarming rise of the future orthodox cathedral looming in its courtyard, "7 Uncertain Scripts" is for Apparatus 22 an escape that heightens sensibility in understanding the shift brought in by the recent acknowledgement of Anthropocene.

The production of the installation was kindly supported by Apparatus 22 Production Fund provided by: KOVOSTROJ, EXEC INSTAL, add and KILOBASE BUCHAREST.





Sound installation, 2014

Pianosaurus (Pianodisastrous) is an improvisational mechanism that investigates the possibility to prepare a piece of software, an instrument or an infinite number of virtual instruments (in this case four pianos) through extensive pre-programing. Built to explore one or more pianos beyond the physical or mechanical limitations in the reproduction of a note, Pianosaurus creates motion shortcuts that favor the fastest ways to manipulate the volume, length, timbre, tonality, speed and octave of a sound, while instantly changing the tonal modes or elaborating new ones. Pianosaurus was inspired by early mechanical instruments such as The Imperial Alnico Bösendorfer piano of Conlon Nancarrow, The Ocular Harpsichord of Louis Bertrand Castel, or by the Orchestrion. Basically, it is a virtual “turbo-fied” piano able to accelerate on the spur of the moment from 20 beats per minute to 999 beats in less than 0.3 seconds. 



Monotremu (RO)


Sound installation, 2014

Romania is amongst the poorest and most religious states in Europe. Monotremu's work is a fake and deceiving call to an imaginary mass-ceremony that gives the promise of a better life. The installation is part of the series Survival Kit, through which religion is seen as a last resort for all our social and political problems, when everything else seems to fail. Out of its ordinary context, Q.E.F. becomes a ceremonial sound installation, an ironic/iconic display in opposition to the construction of the "national redemption" orthodox cathedral rising just in front of MNAC.


bar\conlisio (RO)

Sound installation, 2014

Sergiu Doroftei, Bogdan Susma, and Ion Cotenescu conspire to turn the very long staircase going to MNAC's rooftop into a moving walkway, trough sound and vibration. Frustrations aside, the ascent may become if not easier, at least more rewarding. Beware what you grasp by the hand!

Sergiu Doroftei, Bogdan Susma, and Ion Contenescu are a working group with interests ranging between new-media engineering and art. They teamed up to implement several such distraction methods at previous Rokolectiv editions, out of which last year’s Pingtime.