Dubbel Dutch (US)

After relocating to Austin, Texas via Brooklyn, DJ / producer Dubbel Dutch (a.k.a. Marc Glasser) burst onto the scene with a slew of remixes and original tracks guided by legendary Brooklyn/Copenhagen-based Palms Out Sounds blog and label. A self-proclaimed “internet-digger”, his crates are full of obscure records from around the globe, as well as his own productions, re-edits, and exclusive material from like-minded collaborators. 

Both his DJ sets and tracks pull inspiration from a panoply of collective global styles including UK House and Grime, Dancehall / Soca, South African House, Kuduro, Bubbling, and Rap/RnB. Rokolectiv Festival is the last stop on his European tour, so enjoy his cosmic tone poems and club anthems from the abyss!