Discotecă pres. Adrian Enescu (RO)

Born in 1948, Adrian Enescu graduated Bucharest's Music Conservatory where he studied composition with renowned professor Aurel Stroe. He began composing electronic music in 1975 and became one of its pioneers in Romania. Slipping between musical genres with remarkable ease, Adrian Enescu created an oeuvre that encompasses various styles, from progressive to jazz, from pop to film, from jazz to contemporary. He composed three essential Romanian electronic music albums — Basorelief (Poem pop) and Funky Synthesizer I and II, produced instrumentals for revolutionary pop singers such as Grupul Stereo, Loredana Groza or Silvia Dumitrescu, collaborated with outstanding performers in local jazz (the likes of Johnny Raducanu and Marius Popp), and wrote over 65 soundtracks for the Romanian cinema. These are reasons enough to entitle Adrian Enescu to be the guest of honor at this year's edition of Rokolectiv Festival, an exclusive appearance after years of no direct contact with the stage and the public.

Discotecă is a sonic archeology collective that brings up a concept of entertainment addressing the history of Romanian pop music (RomPop) with a focus on its most productive decades — the 60s, 70s and 80s. While connecting nowadays local clubbing with a fascinating and lesser known musical history, Discotecă creates contexts in which an entire universe of old, often obscure Romanian pop music opens up to a completely new audience through recitals of local pop stars of the past and DJing of RomPop.