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Rokolectiv 2013

john-talabot-01 John Talabot.


Like some kind of top-heavy wedding cake that might come crashing down at any second, a celebratory overload, John Talabot piles loops on top of loops, disco breaks, drum machines, Rhodes riffs, silvery guitars, African chants. For all of Talabot's attempts to create something dark and moody, there is something intrinsically sunny about his production—not sunny as in "happy," but sunny as in "music you'd hear at an epic dance party on the beach in Ibiza in 1992." His album “ƒIN” was one on the most acclaimed and talked about albums of last year. It's pop, it's house, it's disco, it's leftfield, it's light, it's dark, it's moody, it's celebratory, it's fresh, and it's retro, all at the same time.